Poem Hunter
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)


Providence? It's 'What the Butler Saw' -
and ever sees, and ever shall have seen:
the One who knows what's needed long before,
and sees that it's delivered at the scene;

prepares it for the feast of human life;
presents it in due style at this repast;
then, in the festive moment, stands aloof,
invisible to him who plays the host;

sees that new dishes come, and plates removed
- fleet opportunities that come and go;
unseen- unless His presence sought and proved;
unspeaking, silent - unless spoken to.

Whodunnit? why, the butler, since you ask,
named Providence: God's world, and Word, and task.

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Comments (2)

I guess I'm fortunate in having tested this 'first aid', which seems to operate outside passing time, in the most extreme emergency!
Though I'm not much of a calvinist, very cool poem, thanks for sharing it!