Whoever Spared That Rod

Making attempts to reason,
With one confined to a childish mind.
And blinded by ego.
Limited to an insecurity,
That feeds upon undermining others.
To fill a void inside one finds.
Is a waste of time.

No one can reason,
With a mind of this kind.
Since a doing it should have been done,
When that child was found capable...
To have abilities to deceive.
And made to have others believe,
They were victimized by another who recognized...
A lack of discipline to have it.
Was not a concern,
For whoever spared that rod.
With it done to hesitate a move to use it.
Leaving today many left unamused.
By a childish mind found to find,
To be a disaster and a threat to all...
Who once knew of truth to keep respected.
With a wish that rod now could be used,
On a behind that has aged.
Regardless if the doing will not undo,
What one childish and with ego...
Was given consent to do to approve of it.
Without discipline or concern of reprisal.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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