Whoever You Are

I could never live a life,
Devoted to your expectations.
Or have my self worth,
Crush by your disapproval.

I could,
Continue to be who I am.
And I will.

Knowing whoever you are,
Depends on from who's mind...
You are defined as you spend time,
In the making of false impressions.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

An impression will never satisfy. When it made full of lies. He's a cop. He's a spy. Oh he works for the other side. But of what cause he just never give ups. That reaching beyond reaching he's preaching and seeking a acknowledgement of a factitious existence. Remember that man he created his story straight from his head. With a few words he has spun such an elaborate web. How do you dissolve it in the search of the truth. It becomes a whose who I would conclude. Great Poem, Your Fan John..