MA (June 22 1993 / Waycross Ga.)

Whom Am I...Where Has Me Gone

The world is spinning,
Where has my life gone?
Hating and loving everything around me,
But just not me,
It's like me has just died,
I'm just a lonely soul, who walks the earth,
Can someone help me find the person was?
What am I, who have I became,
I hate the person looking back at me,
But loved the person I was at one time,
My pain no one understands,
It's so hard to live in this life that I hate so much,
Why can't anyone every see the pain people go through until it’s too late,
It's so painful,
The walls are caving in,
I'm in over my head,
NO one will ever one,
Because the person I was is dead,
(c) 2008

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