VM (18/06/1974 / chennai)

Whom To Trust...

The one who stands with you
In ups and downs
As pillar of strength
In life and death
Ready to remove your blocks
To free flow the stream of life
In Hazzles and flaws to
Support you to fight for justice
Ready to raise the voice along your's
To manifest the truth and reality
To question the people of injustice
Rather being greedy and mean
To save their skin, prove to be a cut throat
Is the one whom you should have
Friendship or relationship

by v.m.saraswathy munuswamy

Comments (3)

To manifest the truth and reality! Nice work.
Manifest the truth and reality justice and injustice holding hand in hand In flaws and ups- nice penning- my support to fight for justice
we are doing only role playing....anytime friend may turn foe and vice versa....we have to accept this...good culture by you..