FJ ( / 12/21/1980)

Whoo! Tears; Pity; Bleeds (2)

P 1 O 2 E 8 M

In This World;

There Is / There Are: …

Whoo! From War

Crowds down Crafts

Missiles up Moons

Bleeds by Bombings

Tears from Terrors

Sounds down Sepulchers

Atrocity up Absolution

Bleeds by Bombings

Pities from Politics

Blameless down Brogan

Democracies up Defectors

Bleeds by Bombings

Whoo! On World

Tears On Times

Pity! On Pan-earth

Bleeds On Bombings

Monday, April 11,2016

by Farzad Jahanbani

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An insightful piece well articulated and nicely penned in good diction with conviction. Thanks for sharing.