You fell for the stupid lies of society
They told you that it would be fun to act like a slut
so insted of love you choose insobriety
it hurts but then again you know what?
Your nothing to me anymore
your just another stupid whore
Its true you may have done nothing wrong
danced a little and maybe grinded
it wasnt anything but a little song
your slutty clothes i am reminded
and while i havent talked to you in so long
i almost forget how stupid you really are
make your decisions because soon youl be wrong
and dont come asking me cause ill be too far
your nothing to me anymore
You stupid stupid stupid whore
It makes me sad that i could not save you
but how arrogant i was to think i could
There was nothing that i wouldnt do
but now that your gone i can say good
I dont need a refrain here to vent my mind
ive said it enough you should get the deal
you will not be the best or last girl i find
but it will take many nights to finally heal
why will it take me so long ti finally move?
Because i think of how intimate we were
like puzzle pieces togeter in our groove
the sweet talk and little name for sure
made me think that i loved you so much
but i think it probably was just your gentle touch
Was i whiped by sex probably makes sense
it definately was good ill give you that
but i remember when it wasnt, it was tense
and now i can have someone whos less fat!
Ohhh man that makes me laugh to think of your legs
they were so fat and ugly like wooden barrel kegs
but then again let me be nice your breast were a dream
they were the two smoothest scoops of vanilla ice cream
I would really like to give this poem a nice little end
but untill the pain stops that will not happen my friend

by Sean FitzPatrick

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