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Whos To Blame

Who is to blame
My depression on?

Do i blame my mother
she took care of me till i was 18
But she quit caring bout me

Do i blame my father
He left when i 5
I guess he didnt care
if i starved, bathed, or even died

Do i blame my brothers
they always done so much better than me
i just hate them

Do i blame my step-father
he never prasied me
he didnt even know i was there

Do i blame my friends
they always lied to me
they dont care if im druged out in a guter

I think i blame myself
for im the one who wants to leave this world
i just think my time is up

just know i mite not be here much longer.
im just going to keep on going and acting happy
like there is nothing wrong

but when i get home im going to end it all
its going to be over
i dont have to blame anyone anymore

by brittney keith

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hey! this is quit cool, never blame anyone, all you need to do is to accept your fate.
jeez. i like this one, too! i like 'em all!
Among various experiences of loss, at about the conclusion an old feeling resurfaces and renews the energies.