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Poem By Varanasi Ramabrahmam

How can i call a homegirl a friend
when shes out there sleeping for a 5 or a 10.
We were cool but you change, you were just a fake.
I should have known that being friends with you was going to come out being a mistake.
You just used me but I didn't want to see it like that.
My sister passed away and you were nowhere near my broken heart.
Dats how true friends are huh? Thats cool.
Even though I thought about ending my life
but then I said should i wait and see if god gives me a lovely wife.
It hurts me hurting you, I know thats dumb.

We have to move on in life, even though I have nothing to move on to.
Day by day, hour by hour i live in misery.
Do i put this stress on myself or do others put it on me.
God I only ask you for one thing and that's for a girl.
I am a man with a good heart but I guess I will just live hell a little longer.
All I want is to hug my sister and tell her I love her.
I wish that day was here, if you can hear me Claudia I'm sorry for not being there for you.
I should of caught on that he was abusing you.
I wouldn't mind doing life
so you could of taken care of your boy and be someones beautiful wife.

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damn...this is good. very impressive