Your Ignorance Is My Bliss

It’s a wonder you cannot see
You cannot see that I can see
Passed those angel eyes
Passed that false curve beneath your nose.

You know what you did
Yet you persist
And act like what you did
Is what you’d never do.

I can find tiny uncertainties
That question the plastic;
The plastic covering
The venom in your blood.
The plastic is glued to you,
But you couldn’t see,
That I had always been beneath it.

Yet I do not do
And I do not say
Because I am not a reflection of you
My mirror doesn’t show plastic.

by Mehreen Mujeeb

Comments (2)

Allan: You have two of them in your first name, two in the surname. I assume it stands for LOVE. Or, are you asking me again? Someone asked me about PVC's and other heart problems, I guess that is the reality of poetry.
Herbert, who is L you were travelling on that big journey, you hit a pothole then L you love the old english, just like me, the language that is Thank you herbert regard's allan