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Great Respect For What Should Not Be Spoken
GW (5/11/1947 / Kerrville, Texas, USA)

Great Respect For What Should Not Be Spoken


Whose children are these that wander the street?
Have they no home where they can safely find sleep?
Who are their parents and have they no love
for the greatest gift ever from our Father above?
How can they abandon the fruit of their womb
and not care to condemn them to a cold earthen tomb?
Are we truly too busy to care for our own
or just too selfish and greedy to provide a good home?
Are we so lost in self, our own needs we must meet
that we drive out our children to live in the street?
Whose children are these who on society are thrown
in the care of some stranger to provide a safe home?
How can one not cherish one's own flesh and blood,
refuse to nurture and guide them and show them no love?
As a nation how can we expect to survive
when our children of love and concern we deprive?
Can we not see that for generations hereafter
what we now teach our children will lead to certain disaster?
Can we not see to the future when we shall grow old
that our fate in their hands these children will hold?
Do we expect them to grow into kind, loving folk
when kindness and love to them is a joke?
I think we shall see that because of our greed
for our lives to continue they will not feel the need!
They shall deem it expedient for the good of the masses
to not waste precious resources on the now useless classes.
The old and infirm that have nothing to offer
shall be euphonized with no thought or bother.
Shall we then plead for mercy and ask ourselves why
there's no love in their hearts and they want us to die?
Think back to the past when that child had a need
and we pushed him aside to fulfill our own greed!
Remember the times when love the child needed
but we were too busy, his cries went unheeded?
Remember the problems we should have helped them through
but turning our back gave them not a clue!
When we teach our children that God is not real
what, other than hatred, do we expect them to feel?
God teaches of mercy, forgiveness and grace,
and love in our heart He will abundantly place.
He builds a strong family through tolerance and care
and helps to defeat any enemies there.
I pray that our nation, before it's too late
will turn from the teaching of murder and hate.
For a land without God is already defeated
and soon will succumb to His wrath unabated!
Whose children are these who are lost and alone,
forced to exist in some stranger's home?
America's children, a land under God,
meaningless words now, just a facaad.
We all are God's children, in His image created
and He desires that in love, we should all be united!

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