Whose Life Is This?

Deep in the canyons of my mind
there lives a tranquil, happy time
my aspirations they did soar
my active mind was never bored
I thought that life would do my will.
and all my dreams would be fulfilled.
When I believed that I was free
to choose who I, wanted to be.
The colors I chose were so bold
“you are wrong, ” was what I was told.
“I am the driver, it’s my choice.“
I never thought that I could lose.
It brings to mind a poem I read
about a dress, they ripped to shreds.
I was too young to understand
just how cruel, man can be to man.
So now, with her I must agree,
the life I wanted, torn from me.
And by the time that I found
my life had been run aground,
that I had wasted all my time
on something that I could not find
I could no longer race the wind.
Older now I still, rise again.
They tell me how, as they told her
Life is just what you make it
I have grown old and gone downhill
most of my dreams are unfulfilled
life indifferent, as time flies
leaving me with one question, “why? ”
My reborn virgin lips un-kissed,
Whose life is this? Whose life is this?

by Emma Beverage

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Comments (2)

too deep poem. too hard to make just a comment. u could reveal the sorrow of wasted time.10 of course
I like this poem Emma. It is one that I can read again and again to ponder how some human beings can bear to crush the life out of others, cruely robbing them of their dreams, when they could have just as easily been supportive and been blessed at the same time.