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Whose On Your Mind?

Whose face is on your mind when you fall asleep?
Whose face are you thinking about when you awake?

Whose voice is a melody in your ears?
Whose voice do you miss to hear?

Whose eyes do you wish to see?
Whose eyes make you happy inside?

Whose embrace cause you to feel safe?
Whose embrace makes it all go away?

Whose hands make you smile?
Whose hands give you comfort?

Whose touch leaves a warm spot?
Whose touch is angelic?

You know who,
So why don't you go tell them,
How much they really mean to you,
And how much you love them for being them.

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Rudyard Kipling


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My family, wife and children and now a grandchild are the faces i see in my dreams! Very good poem, very passionate! a 10.