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Whose Story of Us We Is Told Is Us

Brother is we is each of us we ghosts
Brother of white folks we
don't never known us brother we
Because we never doesn't fits
Nowhere we brother
doesn't fits in bodies

Our bodies we is always walking leaking
like a ghost can't be a body in one place
But every eyes / Catches and pulls at it
Like every eyes in any
white folks is another
Hole in our bodies

Brother / Is we is never known them close
Up close whose ghosts we brother leaking is
Whose story of us we is told is us is water in a fist
Brother we not the fist
we not the water
we the thirst

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Comments (2)

This style is beautifully unique. Bless you Shane
A little confusing to follow at first but came together for me at the end. Thanks for sharing, Shane. Peace