Poem Hunter
SC (September 18,1989 / Middleton)


Why do you do these things?
Why do you act like that?
Are you sick of me?
Tell me a true fact.
Why do I feel this way?
What is it you do to me?
Please tell me the truth,
Or I'll have to set you free.
Why did you change
to the person you are?
You now seem to be
way too far.
I miss who you were
The person you used to be
That person
actually cared about me.
Why are things
Different now?
You've changed a lot
I want to know how
You can act like this
after all we've been through
I'm really missing
The old you.
So please change back,
For my sake and yours
I'm afraid you'll forget
about me all together.

This is the first poem I wrote that ever got published. It was written late 2004.

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