Why didnt you come up to spend my birthday with me?
Was you to busy to smoke pot to see,
See that your baby sister was waiting on the porch for you,
And all I ever do is take up for you, now you've left me all broke and blue.
Why did you not remember that promise you made to me?
Oh dont worrie I'll be there I promise, I'll be on time
Yeah that promise you broke to me, Of course you gonna make up a lie,
When I know you were doin a real bad crime,
Yeah to bad you were to busy to know that you had left me on the porch to cry.
So thanks Bro.
I'm sure you'll find away to make it up to me,
but i'll i have to say is git on your way and leave me be,
Cuz i aint no longer your little princess bumble bee.

by Charlie Watson

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