Poem By Paul Halbisch

Why is it nobody seems to understand, even the girl I love.

Why is it my family walks all over me, yet I can't help but smile when they do it.

Why is it I try and explain myself, yet it never comes out right.

Why am I so messed up?

Because I'm always trying to understand you, but you have never tried to understand me.

Don't say you have, because I know the lies in your eyes.

If you tried to understand me, if you sincerely did.

You would find all the pain I hide from you all, to not worry and fret over what I can control.

I need someone to pull me from myself, leave nothing but an empty shell.

Life would be easy, no feelings no pain.

I have nothing to loose except myself, perhaps in my own madness is the key to peace.

Live alone where nobody can worry, just to slowly rot away.

All I want is for someone to find me, deep inside of this cold thick shell.

Please hear me calling for you, It shouldn't be to hard to hear.

For that person trying to find me, follow the voice that's dying.

Deep inside of me.

Now ask yourselves why, why did we let him die, the real person that was inside.

Comments about Why?

My first poem, it's all true sadly but don't let that stop you from being honest about it.

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