Why do you only see me when I cry,
And not when my eyes are dry.
Only when my happy heart is broken,
And not when happiness has spoken.

Why do you see me when I’m in pain,
And not when I’m so happy I can’t explain.
When my world has drifted far apart,
And not when my life seems a work of art.

I see you at all times my child,
When the seas of your heart are both smooth and wild.
When your heart is broken over flowing with pain,
When you feel life seems not worth a seed of grain.

I will hold you and place a cooling salve on your hurt,
Until all is in concert.
I see you both when you laugh or cry,
I stand with you when joyful, tearful, or you sigh.

by R. K. Hart

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I am running away from all religions... Yet deep inside are a few memories...your beautiful poem reminded me the words of a dear peaceful one who now is passed away: We human being keep god hanged like a hat in the hall room. We remember him only when we are in need. Thank you for share.
last line is the essence of poem
Good! You have the convincing power!
lovely balancing poem with a message nice keep it up, plz read mine if time allows you