Poem By Madeline Fazio

I don't understand
Why you love her more than me
I am standing here in front of you
Ready to give my self to you

And She
Is playing with your heart
Like a fish on a hook
Reeling you in when she wants
And pulling on the hook to make sure
You feel nothing but excruciating

Why can't you be happy with what you can
With me you feel nothing but
My devoted love

Yet you still choose to be played with
Haven't you had your heart broken enough already?
Why won't you let me put the pieces back together

Comments about Why?

i like this. listen to the song 'the humpty dumpty love song' by travis. i think i showed it to you in school once, but if you dont listen to the song, then look up the words and read it all.

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How It Happened

Summer, So full of anticipation
Waiting, For the day is coming near
Arrival, I am relaxed and unaware
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Boredom is such a horrid thing
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I fear at times like these,
that is the last thing I wish to do


I see you there and chills run down my spine
It’s like that first time you hear a song,
That touches something deep down inside you