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AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)


Poem By AHO Speaks


We thank and praise you for allowing us the time and place to have seen and touched your creations
Each of us given our own gifts of life in loving parents; brothers and sisters; and even this great nation.

Your creations of beauty and wondorous awe
We know of life and to hold and hug; what we saw

Our sense's to know of our environment and place
To know of your magnificence each time we have seen your face.

Genders of handsome and beauty allowed to produce the same
Even our own earthly sun; that provides us the light, heat and living rain.

For the amazing gift to see and play in our gift of time
Our uniqueness can be seen from the performance of our human minds.

You have given us much and we did receive
Even the times to be happy and the times, we must also grieve.

We know of the time of earthly past
The present is ours to live, even tho we know; it will not last.

We are even given the time we call our future seen on every child's face
That our reason and purpose for life; is given to the whole human race.

We have seen so many places and things
Not even to have been there; yet we have seen; just about everything.

Each of us thank you for our gift of life and may it serve us well
For the times of the past, the present and future, have really been swell.

God is our source for life and there can be no doubt
Listen to the voices of children loaned to us; and the glee; in their shout.

The weakness of mankind is we practice too long to become vain
We have but to live the gift of life and stop asking why we came.

12-21-05 Aho Speaks

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