Why can't people be more kind?

Is it because the reality we live in? Because everyone wants to get a job and survive? Or or maybe that's because kindness fades away from this world?
People don't ask for favours, don't give away gifts, and even refuse to accept them! Just because they don't want to be a bother...

Why can't people just accept kindness the way it is? without insisting to give something back?

Even if reality is cruel, that doesn't mean that humans have to be like that too.

If you try to open a conversation, they will escape to thier phones and leave.
If you try to keep company to someone, he will see you as a bother.

In this world, kindness doesn't mean anything, only power and a sense of humor matter.
You can be the nicest man on earth, but you know that the funny and powerfull will get all the attantion.

Why does the rich clowns get more then the kind servents?

If you'll be mad, no one will think about you.

If you'll be sad, no one will care for you.

And if you will cry in the corner, torn apart because of that thing called 'reality' no one will wipe away your tears...

by Dan Lukman

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