FU (26th of august 1999 / Nigeria)


why am I hated?
why am I so different?
why does my skin colour defines me?
why do you know me before you know my name?
why am I associated with failure?
why am I segregated?
why am I separated?
why do I think am black?
why am I called black?
why am I given a colour?
why is it necessary to judge me before you know me?
why am I born to follow and not to lead?
why am I not accepted?
why do you think am dangerous?
why am I isolated?
why am I associated with backwardness?
why am I black and she is white?
why is my future predicted before I can speak?
why do I suffer for the same fate of my ancestors?
why would I have to tell my children that they are the inferior race?
why would I live a fake life?
just why?

by favour ugwumba

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Why am i associated with failure? ! Nice piece of work.