There are so many 'whys' I’m not sure were to begin,
'Why' people no longer accept you for who you are and everything you do becomes a fatal sin,
'why'do I walk the way I walk, and talk the way I talk,
'why' do I think the way I think, and love the things I love,
'why' do I look the way I look and dress the way I do,
'why' do I discern things so differently and see them in my point of view,
'why' I believe in my beliefs and reperate so much,
'why' am I despised so brutally and my soul too painful to touch,
'why' am I so timid to be happy,
I apprehend that is because 'happiness' requires love,
And love is something I cannot accept,
It burns too deep and it hurts too much,
You see all these questions are expressed and asked everyday,
But the answer remains hooded in mirage,
Because the answer will always endure the same....

by Hoda Elomari

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