Why do I love him so much?
Why do I live for his touch?
Why do I feel I need him as my cruch?
Why am I willing to bend over backwards?
Why am I willing to risk my pride, soul, heart, and my dignity
just to show him that he means the world to me.
Why does it matterto me if I earn his trust.
People say love is always mistaken for lust.
My mind, body, heart, and my soul is telling me that there is something more there.
Why do I want him to understand I really do car?
Why cant he realize there are things women dont share?
I cant even ask why anymore cuz i know!
The love i have for him goes far past my heart and my sould its in my bones he is the only man that can make my house a home,
without him I will always feel alone, he's my one and only true love he's my first love,
I just want him to understand that I am really loyal to him
he's my strength, my courage, he's my dream come true
my fantasy that fell through
my love for him is true

by dimeshia green

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You should read this poem to him: -) , nice Davexxx