CS (11 03 91 / Harrah\Oklahoma)

White Linen Heaven

A warm sunny day of youth
Memories of white linen sheets
Hanging on the line to dry
The air filled with fragrance oh so sweet
The edge of each sheet decorated
with grandma and mothers loving hands
Crafted embroidery of brilliant flowers
Even a few monograms
After they dried in the summer sun
Mother takes them in to iron there
A sprinkle of water and starch
Then pressed with loving care
My job was to help make the beds
Mother snaps the sheets out
I help make the corners match
Tuck the corners in so they won't fall out
When all is done a long wait for evening
I couldn't wait to crawl in
Between those crisp cool sheets
Of white linen heaven

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carrie i loved this poem, you do write from the heart. if you would read my poem always tommorrow, if you have not read it yet. things may same real bad, and iam sure they are. my oldest daughter grew up in foster homes, and she went through the same things that you have went through and are going through, you keep mentioning God that is good just keep doing it, things will get better just hang in there ok.