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Poem By Qistina Zaini


A word that all human wants to be,
including me! !
What is perfect?
why we always want to be perfect?

Did i perfect when all my friends love me?
Didn't i when all my frieds hate me?

But my parents always said that human is 'not perfect'! !
why we always want to be perfect?
all of us! ! !
The word perfect is only for God
human is not qualify for that.

Even though we know that we will never be perfect,
we still trying.
Until what? THE END OF THIS WORLD! ! ! ! ! ! !

But why? ? ?
please God! !
tell me..........

I'm going 'insane'

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Comments (2)

i am a perfectionist so i could really relate to this...keep writing and i will keep reading your work! Best regards-Faith
Nice start to this piece. But you jump to suddenly from one piont to the next. If it flowed better, your poem might be a more enjoyable read. Keep at it! , Andrew Phillips