why this not that
to you everything i do is wack
i hate you all on my case
damn woman! ! ! ! !
give me some space
you dont like me anyway
u full of urself and dats gay
to you
wut u do
stop knockin, you aint goin get the key
i can see
you tryna use me
and abuse me
of who i am
damn! ! ! !
thats cold
but i cant get rid of you ur like a fuckin mole
(laugh out loud)
it dont matter-be proud
see if i care
but dont u dare
try to talk to me and be nice
dont try to put a price
on you likeing me: jazzy jaz
im spinning in ur mind like taz
am i mad
hell yeah! ! ! !
and i dont care if you sad
i dont even care if you cry
becuz you never have and never will understand WHY! ! !

by jasmine ellis

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Wow! lol gosh u have it right deh cause this poem kool