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DS (21/07/1988 / LONDON! ! !)


Why am i bored?
Why am i sad?
Why am i tired?
Why am i mad?

Why do i hate him?
Why do i still miss her?
Why do i want to go?
Why do imagine?

Why does she care?
Why does it hurt?
Why does it hate?
Why does she stare?

Why so many questions?
Why so much pain?
Why so many lies?
Why so much tension?

Why no answers..........

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Comments (2)

there is always so many questions unanswered tehe hope that makes sense, we always ask, let's try to understand what can't be understandable, let's try to break the rock with a rose. I like your poem. great job.
interesting. wish i had them tho... the answers i mean. i liked how you wrote this into a very unique poem. i love it! '10'