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DEG (November 26,1986. DOB / Jamaica (Trelawny))


Why do black people have to suffer?
Why do they go to their beds without supper?
These are some '? 's ' the President will not answer, and he cares not to.
Is it because of our Color, or what?
In the streets is where we get hassle by them.
And when we find somethig good, they want to be our friends.
Must the good always suffer for the bad?
Then they put us in these buildings,
Telling us that we are mad.
What if, he the President was feeling our pain,
Would he be running up and down as if he's insane?
I want you to think about this.
And if they bother you again, show them your fist.
Don't get caught up,
Don't tell them your dreams.
Cause they might just throw them into a runny stream.

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