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LS (Agust 1 1994 / London)


Poem By lizzy Sydney

Why do we listen to society
When they only tell us lies
Why do we to think we look ugly
When we are perfect on the inside

If there were no reflective surfaces
Would you care what you looked like?
We are different for a reason
Because God made us this way

Why aren’t you eating?
your body is already perfect
if you are so concerned
start to exercise

Why are there stereotypes?
When all they do is hurt
Only setting standards
That not everyone is like

Why is there pollution?
Clouding all our air
Smog alerts every day
Asthma getting worse.

Why is there beer
Always getting people drunk
Getting in a car crash
Killing the innocent

Why are there magazines?
Always telling people
they are not good enough
to be in the magazine
Why do we insult
we are only harming one another
all these problems in our world
and every one keeps living like there is notihing going on.

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