I sit face down in my bed wondering what happened to my heart
Ripped out again and place upon a shelf for people to point and stare
Now I'm going to cry my eyes out and once again I have to restart
And now I'm depressed and wanting to die again which isn't fair

But now I guess it'd just be better to forget about our true feelings
Because it will just be to painful to think of what we could've been
Now all thats coming from these lips are the break up songs I'm singing
All I'm looking for is someone as good as you in this world of sin

But let me ask you a few select questions that I've been contemplating
Why must me keep out true feelings for each other so very private
I don't know about you but I feel worthless to you and its so frustrating
And I think if we truly love each other so much why must it be a secret

Who really cares about what our few friends and families truly think
They have no say in what we want or in who we choose to truly love
Weather we choose to abuse the drugs or weather we choose to drink
The only entidy who even has a say is almighty one who resides above

I've already told you over and over again about how I truly honestly feel
About how one day I want to be your only man I want to be your husband
Help me to heal my scars and once again show me that true love is real
And I know you know that I want to be way more than just good friends

I'll give you until September 11th to answer this very important question
I'm just tired of getting my hopes up to have them blow up in my face
The reason I guve you this long is because thats when I'll see you again
Because I'm tired of just being used and being just one gigantic disgrace

by Patrick Shields

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Wow.that was deep.I like it..touching..sincere