Why can't life be perfect

Why can't life be fair?

Why does there have to be moments

When your heart feels so bare?

Why so many questions

in this life today?

Why so many issues

fought each and every day?

Why so empty

Why so cold?

Why so sad

Why so alone?

Why do you have to feel so low

so hopeless and afraid?

Hearing all these lies

and tempted to hide away?

I ask myself these things

not really expecting an answer

but then I hear

'You're my beautiful dancer.'

What a beautiful revelation Lord

You speak to me

and show you care

when I couldn't see

beyond my scars and fears

or leave behind

my countless tears.

You brought me too my lowest point,

and I thought I was done,

But I soon realized,

you had just begun.

You had to bring me lower

so I could experience pain

now my relationship with you

is strong again.

I now see what you planned to do

You wanted me to realize

I just need to trust in you!

by beautiful imperfection

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