Why do we criticize God for what happens
Why do we say he is to blame?
We are always quick to point fingers
When in our lives we feel pain

We all tend to strike out at someone
Then ask the question WHY
Those tragic things should happen
Why many people should die

Whether you believe or not
Your pathway in life is never smooth
It is like balancing on a seesaw
Sometime you win sometimes you loose

Most of the tragedies in this life
Are all caused by man
God has nothing to do with it
Nothing to do with his plan

God created this world to live on
He gave all the tools to survive
He ensured enough food for everyone
To consume and to stay alive

Gods not to blame for all chaos
He only hires out the tools
It is man in his infinite wisdom
That falter and act like fools

There is only one God
No matter what people have said
For his love will always be around you
No matter what pathway you tread

by Malcolm Bradshaw

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