for a long time ive hide
the love i felt inside
afraid that the moment you knew
you'll tell me to leave you
I cried when u cried
felt even more pain than u did
the moment u told me ur inlove
with the girl u used to hate
I smiled, but deep down
it hurts so bad
I bleed, but i have to keep calm
coz u might see
all those times you went out with her
during the time you promised to see me
i couldnt contain the loneliness
my heart wanted to explode
i wished i have disappeared
in a place you never knew
so i could cry out loud
everytime you'll see me
because of the hurt she gave you
i wanted to tell you
just let me love you
but seeing the hurt in your eyes
i could not even start
because i know
you will never look at me
like the way you've seen her
now that you've broken up with her
and not talking to her again
i also feel the pain
because you're not seeing me too
its not my fault that she's my friend
i never knew her then
you're the one who let me know her
and now ur blaming me
as if im the reason of it all
im getting tired of this
you couldnt push me away like that
i hope one day youll see
that i am here to stay
to listen
to be a friend
even if i love you
ill remain a friend
coz that's what i mean to you..

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