Why did you leave me,
Why did you go,
I thought you cared about me,
You said you did,
You don’t lie to someone,
At least not about that,
I trusted you,
You knew everything about me,
When I saw you with her I was fine
With it,
But when I walked into my room you were all
Over her,
In my room,
How could you do that,
She was supposed to be my best friend,
You were meant to be my boyfriend,
I no I told you to leave but I loved you,
I trusted you,
You knew how I felt,
You knew I’d catch you,
So why,
What did I ever do to you,
You had a go at your best fried for cheating on his girlfriend,
And then you go and cheat on me,
I hate you! !

by Bootiful Kid ...

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