*~why? ~

Poem By Mary Nagy

Why do we need to write?
Is it to know that we are read?
Or, is it for the need to purge
these voices in our head?

Perhaps we want to think
that someone may just hear
the thoughts we've set in motion...
even if they're not quite clear?

Maybe we go unnoticed
throughout our normal day?
Maybe we get ignored
yet we have so much to say?

I may not know the reason
that I write my thoughts to you
but, I know I will continue
and if you listen...I'll thank you!

Comments about *~why? ~

I love to hear your poems Mary and you have so much to offer, there is something that I can really connect to in your words Thankyou so much Love duncan X
Mary u shouldn't need 2 thank us, we should be thanking u for writing great poetry. Hope u keep writing, best wishes, Willow.
You just keep on writing Mary and we'll keep on reading your lovely poetry. Enjoyed this one immensely. Love Ernestine XXX
It is a beautiful urge so well put in this very beautiful poem. It is mutual: an urge to write met with an urge to read - a reciprocated love. Best Wishes. Susie.
This is well expressed, Mary...and sounds exactly like you. Raynette

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