TNE (8-21-95 / Montana)


Why do you have to leave,
leave me here by myself.
Being here without you
scares me, I go crazy
without you here.
Every night as I think
of you my heart sobs with
pain and fear.
As I watch you leave I
cry cause knowing
you will be gone.
When I see your smile
I get the chills, as I watch
you talk I smile.
When I see you I wonder
if we are really met
to be friends.
People say yes but
I think no cause when
I first met you I started
to like you more then a
friend and I couldnt let
that happen between us.
Now I know we are met
to be friend and nothing
more.I hope that never changes.

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Comments (5)

i ask the same questions why? why this and that.... some unanswered but i really liked this poem messege me when ur back on
who is this one about? message me
a heartfelt poem..greatly expressed..outstanding write
its a very good use a lot of simple words and express a lot of things with them....keep writing!
One simple little thing for you 'That was absolutley amazing' great work... and keep it up i'll look forward to reading more poems by you.