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CN (09-05-96 / england)


Poem By carrie nnn

why do people say they cant sing?
they can sing, even if it isn't very good.

why do people say blondes are dumb?
if they were dumb, they wouldn't be able to speak.

why do people say they can do something tomorrow?
by the time its tomorrow, its today.

why dont some people like children?
they were children once.

why do adults hit children?
is it so they feel big?

why do people ask all these questions?
maybe they have inquisitive minds.

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Comments (2)

I thought I'd have another look at your poems, Carrie, and am not disappointed! This one is so simple, so direct - every adult could learn from it. One day maybe you'll answer your questions with another poem! LRH
Some people form attitudes from others sayings