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The clock striked 12
As a tear fell down her cheek
Never in her life had she felt so weak,
This was a brutal defeat,
Her whole world,
Fell in a single blink
Of the eye
Why had she smiled?
When she really needed to cry.
What was the point in pretending to be strong?
It didn’t change the fact that she was all
It didn’t make anything right,
It was still wrong.
It was over and he was gone
Why did she pretend
She had already moved on?
When in truth he was her oxygen,
She needed to breathe him in,
His lies had intoxicated her,
Like an awful addiction,
Why had she pretend she could make it?
Why did she pretend…
She could take it?
She looked hopefully at the phone
Hoping to hear its loud ring
And hoping his voice would be on the other line.
Confessing he still loved her.
Saying he still cared,
Why was she pretending she didn’t.
When she knew she did.
Why did she still cling to the memories
That she pretend she forgotten?
Why did she smile…
When inside she was dying.
Another tear slid down her cheek,
And fell at her feet,
She stared at her hands,
That once fit perfectly in his.
How could she go on?
How could she possibly take this?
While she put herself together on the outside,
She was shattering more and more
In the inside.
he was her everything,
Mind as well been her life,
She sat down and begin to think.
What had she done wrong?
What can she do right?
She pleaded silently at the silent
Please ring
And let his name show up on the caller I. D
Why couldn’t she be..
Who she pretended to be.
Her smile shouldn’t be painted on.
Her laugh shouldn’t be rehearsed
She shouldnt be hiding this terrible pain
But still she did,
All the same.
Why does she pretend she is okay:
When she knows, she will never be the same.
Why does she still put on the facade?
Her silent screams overwhelmed her insides,
But her verbal laughs smothered their sounds
Tears are pouring now,
She is trapped in an self-inflicted hell.
No ones even reaching out to help her out
This hole she dug herself,
Then he pushed her in.
Why was she still pretending?
She knew smiling.
wouldn’t heal the pain
She was dealing with,
It was driving her insane,
Why was she still pretending she was okay?

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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*hugz* beautiful poem. wonderfully written. I loved reading this 10+++ I hope the pain you're in will surpass soon. I can tell you it will even though it could take a while. The pain for me is gone. ANd so is most of my pretending