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Why do you want to break my heart?
Why do you cause me such pain
When all I give you is all I have
And I do so with nothing to gain

Loving you hurts me so much
But I still try to make u smile
I try to make u happy
Even if its only for a while

And you still do it to me
You still break my heart
And now it feels like
That was your goal from the start

I Love You and I tell you that
I tell you it everyday
And when I do 'I Love You Too'
Are the only words you dont say

You used to tell me it all the time
But that was then, this is now
I want to keep saying it
I just dont know how.

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Three words that are only so hard if you truely mean it. If she could say it easily back, then she doesn't mean it. And if you can say it easily then you don't either. 'I Love You' are three words, abused and thrown around like nothing. You should only say it if you mean it.