Why Africa!

Why are we always using our brawns instead of our brains
Why does our smartness always seem lame
twenty seven years is always enough to conquer the world?
Gold, diamond and oil are always enough to rule our world?
Why then do we suffer,
why then should we denia ourselves super?
Not because we want to, but we can't to.
In the eyes of the diaspora we are seen as beggars,
why should it be so when we are the true owners.
Our mothers weep,
our fathers dig to the deep but they never gain,
till they go to sleep.
Would it always stay this way?
Are we going to suffer till this day?
Would we ever be gay for once?
Would it be ok to ask for just a dance?
Our leaders we need actions and not rants.

by John Dadzie

Comments (3)

This is good as a polemical, heartful outpouring demanding a kind of terrestrial justice from our leaders.
The truth is, we lack wisdom. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.
Africa why? why are seen as beggars? it is not at all good. Very nice voice raised through poetry and its the time to think deeply to change the perception towards Africa. Nice on sharing.