Why Am I A "Thought Anarchist"?

My friends ask me if I am an atheist or a theist!

I tell them I am still seeking that answer. And I mean it. I call myself a "thought anarchist" and I don't want to belong to any particular belief system. Rather I would respect all and criticise all. As a thinker and writer, this is what I am supposed to do. Now question is- why I disown all?
If you own something, you are attached to it. If you are attached to it, you are biased towards it. And if you are biased towards it; you can't think freely or you can't write the truth. This is why, a great thinker or a great writer must disown everything. He must disown God, religion, country, knowledge and his own existence. He must even disown his own belief every moment. Further he is on this journey, greater is his magnificence.

You need to have freedom to think freely. If you can't think freely- how would you explore different dimensions of reality and truth? To own something is to chain you to something. And if you are chained, you are not free.

© Arun Maji

by Arun Maji

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