GH (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)


This Night Two Women Shattered Stereo-Types
By Completely Blowing My Mind.

Her back arched as she winded on my lap.
In reverse position…Goldie….Lapped Danced me a vivid story of let downs.
Settling for what was instead of hustling for what should be.
Straddled and posed…
On her neck was a tattoo that read.
'For My Soul'
I asked What does this mean? ? ?
Changing Positions she turned to me and answered.
'When you have a masters in theatre. A undergrad in Dance.
You Would dance to any beat. Be anything you want me to be.'
As nimble as the different needs of her different clients.
Took Her Job Seriously
Different Costumes for different timings
First @ 10 P.M.
She was a cowgirl
The Club was her Rodeo.
Made every wrangler wanna buck her.
Who ever came after was just a shit kicker.
11: 00 P.M. She Turned into something from an episode of true blood.
Did a whole routine upside down.
Made all the ladies scream bite me.
The attention was fuel to her.
So when she hit the stage @ 1: 00 A.M.
She was an empty race car
With a full tank of gas.
Brand New spinning on the strip club floor
even the D.J. had to test drive.
2A.M. Came Out like a waitress
Her service impeccable
Made everyone tip well.
She says as a 'Prima Ballerina it would take two months to make
What I makes in two weeks
Plus have you seen a Ballerina's feet? ?
My Toes Look Like Money.
Why rehearse countless days consumed in the scripts and routine of Broadway.'
Her Life is Freelance
A independent one woman play bill for hire.
Tell her your song and she will choreograph
Something so right
Use Your Fantasy agains you
Its So Wrong in the best way
Bought a masters
Turned that degree into a stone
And Shatter stereo types.
A Wise Woman Told Me…
'You Don't Need a Degree.
People Get Those Just To Have Them'
At The After Hours.
her voice was subtle but
Her Playlist was hypnosis
Specialized in moving.
Grooving coursed straight from the input threw her bloodstream.
We enjoyed every track down to our sweat glands
It wasn't a dry shirt in the room.
Like it wasn't a empty cup in the in the building.
Building anticipation for the next song.
Smiling from the symphony created in her earphones.
Lovely was a vessel.
Transferring tunes from her mac-book straight to her ear drums.
Her looks are major educated and classy
She spinned records
How she defined fashion
I broke character
Inclined to buy her a drink.
Inquire her skills.
Compare life stories.
See where she has been.
She tell me. 'Third Ward.'
I asked. 'Jack Yates'
When did you graduate? '
She looked me in the eyes and replied. 'I didn't.
I don't need a paper verification to prove my worth.
I work.
Been Working since 16 living the big dream.
Turn the Prom into the club scene.
Keeping people like you up until the morning
With a hangover and a equally intense story to tell.
As long as she was plugged into the amp.
And The amp was plugged into the speaker.
And the speakers was plugged into the people.
We were fist pumping, south siding, party rocking, slow grinding balls of energy.
White Lightning Whisky Shot Down Our throats
Toasting Thunder to my ladies choice beats.
Shattering Status Quo
Young Wild and Thinking Out Of the Box!
Its not the Diploma or Degree that define you.
Its your actions.
Do what you D.J. Love To.
Follow what is truly Golden.
Keep a broom and dust pan handy.
Cause Minds will continue to shatter around you.

by Ahmad Hygh

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Beautiful poem. We all need that at times: : : someone to hold us so we can cry, heal the pain, and feel needed and accepted for who we are. You have expressed the raw emotion and sorrow very well here. So sorry for your pain.