TL (1989 / Vancouver, B.C.)

Why Am I Here?

Sunday the last I could roam free,
This morning came & I had to leave
Walking away from what I've known to be
A whole new being I must now weave.

Drawn to this isle not of my will
But conscience says I'm doing good.
For my loved ones time's worth the kill
But yet, thought hardly quells this mood.

I wake each morn before the crow,
And march encrusted in baking heat,
And when the rain clouds hang too low,
It takes more o'me to finish the feat.

Away from her, my heart doth sigh.
This phone call it can't do 'nuff justice
Watch the ivory pearl up high
Our only link, it won't suffice.

Two years hence, I waste till then;
For now I learn to be a man.

For Cheems.

by Tiffanie Lein

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