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Why Am I Like This?

why am I like this?
why am I so shy
why am I so scared
why am I always so nervous
why do I always over worry and over think about things I can't help
why do I stress over the past
for I know I can not fix it
I can not change it but I still stress over
I never let it go
it is like I don; t know how to let go of things I messed up
god I wish I knew how
so I could try to fix this
before it gets worse
and all I’ll do is worry and stress
because I’m really sick of all of this
this is not who I want to become
I want to be me
I want to be open and free
I try not to worry and sometimes it works but not most of the time
I just keep telling myself it will all work out
but will it?
because I really don; t know anymore
because every time it starts to look better
it becomes ten times worse

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just relax, and breathe..that was serious. and also good write