Why Are There Complaints?

I don't understand!
Aren't we living the lives folks demand?

Our sons are encouraged
By our daughters to be 'bad'!
'He's so bad! Just like a boy! '
We teach our children the love of weapons...
From daily games,
And given as Christmas toys.
'I thought Jesus was of peace?
And no where around the manger was there a sign
Of retaliation! '
I sat in one church...
And heard the devil's name repeated over and over again.
It was not clear what was being worshipped...
Introduced or enforced!
We speak of fellowship as if 'that' should be a religious movement,
Instead of a natural occurence!
And the values of standards, quality of life and traditions?
Entertaining lust and temptations!
Those are the foundations supporting the walls of shopping malls!
And television has been the marketing savior for greed!
Let's get 'real' about infesting delusions with teased fantasies!

I don't understand!
Aren't we living the lives folks demand?
Then why are there complaints of any kind?
I see!
Bigots who are racists perceive,
They are not satisfied unless others unlike themselves,
Are deprived?
This has been a tremendous marketing strategy,
That has brought the current economy to grinding halt!
No wonder those bad terrorists and enemies,
Endangering this way of life have to be stopped!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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