Why Are We Divided?

Poem By Cory Ruda

if We all live the same,
and We all fight the same,
and We all bleed and suffer and
We all die the same,
then why are We divided?

if Our hearts beat the same,
and Our chest heaves the same,
and We crawl and We walk and
We all run the same,
then why are We divided?

if We all eat the same,
and We all drink the same,
and We all sleep and wake under
he same burning sun,
then why are We divided?

if We all cry the same,
and We all hope the same,
and We all want to love and
be loved all the same,
then i ask Us only this;

why are We divided?

Comments about Why Are We Divided?

Maximos, though I'm sure you realize it already...., my personal, but simple answer to your question is because of power. Best, T.M..
a very pertinent question and a good, well written poem making a serious point, Steve

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