Why Are We Doing This?

Some don't see the beauty we lose of earth
the mother when they go choose to
burn the forests, extinguish fine creatures;
raiding the world of all her perfect creatures. The jaguar is a cunning a creature-
fast and smart in every feature.
But the single data important to these cats
aren't in the minds of those who treat them like rats. The dolphin is a delight to see - splashing around
so playfully. Though when will
tuna manufacturers ever face the fact,
they're also following the dolphin's track. Reptiles, too, with their patterns of scales,
are daily skinned from their head to their tail
Beautiful tesselations are their main shield,
and that's what always happens to get peeled. The hellish slaughter of nature's kids,
sold off to people like those with bids.
This mistreatment occurs on earth you know-
the earth who gave birth to us, too.

by Christine Cheesman Trajano


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