Why Are You Asking 'Me' Those Questions?

'What can I do?
When the world seems so screwed up.'
I ask.

'What is true for me?
And what isn't?
What is my task?
How long is this confusion I face,
Going to last? '
I ask.

'And if I pray everyday,
Will these conflicts go away?
Will these burdens be lifted?
How long can I expect to be afflicted,
By this.'
I ask.

And something inside pulled me aside.
I felt interrogated.
As if I should be stripped bare naked.
Of everything...
Including my pride!
I was not prepared to do that.
Even though everything else,
I had already tried!
And I was questioned...
By a voice I could not deny!

~When was the last time you prayed with faith?
Is it constantly done?
With a devotion felt that overcomes?
Why are you looking outside yourself...
To validate I exist.
When I sit within you...
Feeling you hide
As if from Me you resist.
How often do you listen?
And if you do...
Do you obey?
Like you say you do,
With Me in faith...
With an honesty of truth?
As you say you do everyday?
Or do you choose your obstacles with you to stay!
What is it that you wish from Me,
You think I'm going to sit with you,
And waste MY time away?
If you are not grateful for My presence...
How can I gift you with My blessings? ~

'Who is this?
Is this God?
And if this is...
Why are You asking 'me' those questions?
I thought you had ALL the answers? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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aha... very good... darn that freedom of choice He gave us. With you in your dilemma Mr Pertillar : -) 10/10