Why Are You Here, Where Are You Going?

My friend, why are you here and do you know where you are going?
And if you do know where you're going, what's your heart's longing?

Are you a Christian who is eager to go home to see The Lord's face?
Or are you so conformed to the world you'd rather stay in this place?

Dear friend, do you want to or do you live on flowery beds of ease?
Or does life itself sometimes cause you to dropp down on your knees?

Have you ever become discouraged and wanted to pack up and leave?
Or do the things that happen in your life move you to truly believe?

Do you believe you are an insignificant part of hopeless evolution?
Or do you know you're an important part of a designed institution?

When it's all over, do you have a soul that will enter eternal life?
Or will you just be buried to rot away after you die of much strife?

You are here by procreation; this of course is not a deep revelation.
The deeper issue is God's Grace and Salvation or eternal damnation.

You made no choice to be here friend, but you will before you leave.
And God is not obligated to accept whatever you choose to believe.

Even though Salvation is a gift that God Himself chose to conceive,
He will have no part of you unless His Son you personally receive.

Indeed this is all God's design leading up to an Eternal Institution,
And Rejecting His Love brings condemnation via a powerful delusion.


by Bob Gotti

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